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Tax Settlement


You may be surprised to learn that there exist options for settling your assessed tax debt with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for less than what you actually owe. Realizing a resolution of your tax issues for an amount less than what is actually owed requires negotiations with the IRS through an offer in compromise. Our team of attorneys and tax professionals will engage the IRS to negotiate on your behalf and will attempt to obtain a release of any Federal Tax Liens (FTL) that may have been recorded against you. Visit our Contact page to arrange a consultation with one of our tax attorneys to see if we will be able to provide assistance.

Tax Disputes


If you or your business have been contacted by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for any reason, then our team of attorneys and accountants are here to offer you a helping hand. The IRS can contact taxpayers for any number of reasons including, but not limited to, back taxes, unpaid tax returns, audits, wage garnishments, property seizures, or tax penalties. Whether you have simply been notified of a past due tax balance or a Federal Tax Lien (FTL) has been recorded against you, our attorneys and tax professionals can guide you through the process of resolving your tax issues with the state and/or federal government. Our services include offer in compromise, examination of claims, consideration of trust fund recovery penalties, the negotiation and implementation of installment agreements, submission of un-filed tax returns, removal of tax liens and the appeals process if required. Remember, you do not have to face the IRS alone, contact our firm to schedule a consultation today.

Tax Planning


Many of the decisions you or your business make today will be determinative of the ultimate year-end tax liability that you or your business will face. A comprehensive plan that outlines and reduces your tax exposure in both your personal and business affairs is crucial to ensuring that your year-end tax liability is at a minimum. Today’s tax environment requires that you make prudent investment and wealth management decisions that will positively affect your tax liability. The tax attorneys and tax professionals at Thomas|Pinnacoli are eager to help you implement a plan that will realize your goals for both yourself and your business.

Estate Planning


Put simply, the benefits of a solid estate plan cannot be overstated. You have created wealth over your lifetime and there is no one more suited to decide what happens to that wealth after your passing than you. Moreover, you are also the best person to make decisions regarding your own healthcare. The estate planning attorneys of Thomas|Pinnacoli can prepare, at your direction, any of the following estate planning documents:

From the most basic estate plans and simple wills to large estate plans involving complex assets and tax strategies, the attorneys of Thomas|Pinnacoli are available to discuss your needs and to help you create the ideal plan for the future.

Probate and Trust Litigation


The death of a family member or close friend can be a very difficult time. While the last thing on one’s mind in a time of grieving is the administration of the late person’s estate, there remains the inevitable requirement of estate administration. The Florida Probate Rules require that anyone appointed as personal representative of an estate must be represented by counsel unless they are the sole interested party within the estate. Our probate and trust attorneys are able to handle this representation and will show you the compassion and understanding that you require during this difficult time.

Ideally there are never any disagreements amongst family members involving the estate or trust of a loved one following their passing; however, that is not to say that disagreements do not arise over any multitude of issues including, but not limited to, the validity of a will or trust instrument, estate administration, asset valuation, asset distribution, trustee duties, accounting or account statements, a breach of fiduciary duty by either a personal representative or trustee, or just a general disagreement involving some other detail of estate or trust administration. If you have an estate or trust administration issue, whether you are the personal representative or another interested party, our attorneys are here to assist you in resolving your issue amicably when possible. When an amicable resolution is not possible, our attorneys will zealously represent you in any litigation that may arise. Visit our Contact page to arrange a consultation with one of our probate and trust attorneys to see if we will be able to provide assistance.

Business Law


The business law attorneys of Thomas|Pinnacoli are comprised of attorneys with diverse professional backgrounds who are themselves small business owners. Their individual business experiences, in conjunction with their legal training, gives them a unique perspective on the issues that may face your business. Business law is a general term that can encompasses a great number of practice areas, including:

If you are faced with an issue in any of these areas, or if you simply need advice regarding some other issue, our attorneys will seek to employ a creative approach with the goal of resolving your issue without the need for litigation. In the even that litigation becomes necessary, our attorneys will vigorously represent your interests to a final resolution.

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